Memorial garden opened
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Our Memorial Garden at St Leonards & St Ives Ex Services Club, was opened in June 2013, with a little pomp and circumstance. Our grateful thanks goes to the Parish Council for their help, the Chairman of the Parish Council for opening the Garden and the Reverend Judly Morton for giving a Blessing and prayer. Thanks also to the Parkstone Sea Cadets and Ferndown Air Cadets for making the ceremony so special.

Grateful thanks must also go to all the members who made donations and also worked very hard to complete the garden in time for the big day.

Candy our Bar Manager put back breaking hours into the garden and maintains it beautifully.

There are two Peace roses planted in the garden that have bloomed beautifully this summer. The story of the Peace rose in in the slide slow video of the Opening Ceremony and our 40’s themed celebrations.

The seat in the Garden was donated by members Rob and Jenny Lee. The Memorial Stone kindly donated by Andy Bishop, as was the flowering cherry tree. There are now two planters added that ex serviceman Chris Johnson crafted from horseshoes (he is a farrier) they have pride of place each side of the seat.

On Memorial Sunday, a delegation from St Ives Club attended the local Church and St Ives Club President, Kathy Tranter, placed a wreath. We also placed a wreath in our Memorial Garden, after the Church service and light refreshments were enjoyed at the club afterwords.

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