[themeum_title title=”Benefits of being a sponsor” size=”28″ title_weight=”300″ color=”#2986c4″ title_margin=”0″ title_padding=”0″][themeum_title title=”Become a sponsor” size=”46″ title_weight=”700″ color=”#2986c4″ title_margin=”0 0 20px 0″ title_padding=”0″ subtitle=”The club welcomes membership applications from everyone – it is not a requirement to be ex-services. Why not come and see what we are about? We have regular clubs and societies as well as live music and other events. If the door is locked, press the buzzer to come in. Have a chat with Candy, our Manager, or one of the bar staff, who will be able to give you any information you need.” subtitle_size=”16″ subtitle_weight=”300″]
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