Congratulations to the new committee and I must say that there is a good cross section of folk on there; some have served well on the committee before and the newbies bring a breath of fresh air.

How lovely to see some younger ones bringing their energy and ideas too; just what the Club has needed for some time!

The outgoing Committee served to the very best of their ability through some very testing times and at times like this it is well to remember that it is all done for the love of the Club and for that at least, respect is deserved!

I have offered to continue this page and the website and also the other things I do for the Club, outside of the Committee, but if others are better suited then I am sure there will be a seamless take-over, so please be patient if any little hiccoughs occur in the event of change.

Now, just a thought, a record number (as far back as I can remember) of folk turned out for the AGM and well done; it would be good if folk could continue supporting the Club for entertainment nights etc. It is pretty soul destroying for those who put their all into things that go unsupported, especially as you can have your say and be listened to. Just saying